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If I were American I would vote for Trump

The press was wrong

If I were American I would vote for Trump. More than ever. Even though all controversies, debates, disputes and sexual harassment complaints. I don’t doubt the testimony of all the women, but if they are true why they have waited so a long time? Why didn’t they denounce Mr. Trump at the beginning of the electoral campaigning for example? Or even before? Some of them date back to 1980. Thirty-six years ago?

For God’s sake. Mr. Trump is doing a campaign against his own party, the establishment, the mass media, and the Democratic Party. Even against President Obama and his wife. They must be afraid because never, untill now, has a president entered in campaign like this.

But why if Donald Trump is so bad has he won all other Republican candidates? Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush among others. Most of them with more policital experiencie, background or even pedigree than him. Nobody gave a dollar for him at the start of the race. Well, he’s still there.

Nowdays, Mr. Trump is the victim of a dirty war being waged by the Democratic Party. This is probably normal in a campaign when you have to choose between one or another. But never like this. And he didn’t start it.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton used these episodes -starting with Miss Alicia Machado- on very thin ice. Have we forgotten what her husband did in the Oval Office? The same Oval Office used by Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan to take some of the most important decisions in American history?.

I don’t care if Mr. Trump is a playboy or not. That’s only a matter between his wife and him. Nevertheless at seventy years old it must be difficult. Come on, guys, why are going to judge a person for what he said in a private conversation in 2005? They have to be really desperate to dig this deep in the trash can.

How many men have presumed to flirt with this or that woman? Or even to make sexual advances? As is said in the Bible: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. Do we now have to scrutinize the private life of the President of the United States?

Do you now that here, in Europe, the former French President François Mitterrand, one of most beloved, has had a double life for 30 years?. He had even a daugther outside legal marriage. French people discovered the love affair after his death in 1995. And, at the funeral, the widow and the mistress were almost side by side.

More examples: The current president, François Hollande, was caught by a photographer in motorbike when he went to see his lover, the French actress Julie Gayet, when he was still involved with another woman, a journalist.

Some of their predecessors had similar love live. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, president between 1974 and 1981, had also a large reputation. And there is an urban legend that was impossible to find Jacques Chirac (1995-2007) during the death of Lady Di because he was not in the Elysée Palace.

Maybe Mr. Trump is a bigmouth but he is judged only by his words. Nothing else. Instead, Hillary Clinton can be judged by her acts. Have we already forgotten the 30,000 emails? Well, yes, the FBI exculpated her, but who appoints the director of FBI?
And what’s happening with the Clinton Foundation? It has been receiving funds when she still was Secretary of State. Do you trust Hillary Clinton? Do you think she can be president? It reminds me of an actress. She could be the perfect aunt in Modern Family or another TV series.

It’s like the criticism against the construction of a wall in the border between the States and Mexico. What do you think is being done now by the French and British in the harbour of Calais, the gate to United Kingdom? Even the Greek prime minister, the leftist Mr. Alexis Tsipras, has expelled refugees and immigrants from their camps in the Greek islands. So, why the hypocrisy?

The most interested in a real immigration law are the 11 million of illegal immigrants that they are now in the States. Their future, and the future of their sons, depends on a real immigration policy.

Whatever happens on next 4th November I think Mr. Trump has already won. He’s the the American dream in person: he’s rich, he’s a successful businessman and he has a beautiful wife (although I missed in the campaign in the last days: she has to counteract Michelle Obama). Michelle Obama said some days ago that it was a “rough week in an already rough election” but they started the dirty war!

Anyway, I am firmly convinced that Trump can win. Even against the the press or the stars of Hollywood. Do you remember the famous first page of The Chigago Tribune on 3rd November 1948  -sorry, guys- “Dewey defeats Truman”. Truman won.

The matter of the question is that -in the era of Twitter, Facebook and others social networks- mass media have been losing their audience and what is most important- their influence. People think for themselves.


Xavier Rius is the editor of the online newspaper e-notícies, based in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)


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#27 Javier, Barcelona, 01/04/2017 - 18:51

Home, Xavier, ho podries haver dit abans. Després d'aquesta declaració de principis, has deixat d'interessar-me. Apa, bon vent i barca nova

#27.1 bcn-mad, bcn, 09/08/2017 - 00:06

...Pues a mi, que suelo leerle con atención y disfrute.., me resulta obvio que el colega Rius es pro-Trump.

Recuerdales Rius "Nuestro Muro" y las 5.000 muertes/año del estético contador erigido por nuestra estética progresia, en la Barceloneta, aya por el Mediterraneo...

#26 Laughter, L'H-España, 09/11/2016 - 22:24

Menudo par de banderillas bien puestas, Sr. Rius. Se merece las dos orejas y el rabo. Usted solito contra la opinión de toda la prensa y medios de comunicación y saliendo a hombros de la plaza. Enhorabuena por no dejarse llevar por lo políticamente correcto.

#25 Capit@n España, Trumplandia nº 62, 09/11/2016 - 15:26

Americanos, vienen a España gordos y sanos
Viva el tronío y viva un pueblo con poderío
Olé Wisconsin y Michigan
Y viva Trump que no está mal......mal

Os recibimos americanos con alegría
Tomad el sol, comed paella y bebed sangría
Americanos, aunque nos vean como gitanos
Olé mi madre, olé

#24 galba, bcn, 09/11/2016 - 12:48

Felicitats Sr Rius. Bon olfacte.

#23 Papitu, el de Sanes, 23/10/2016 - 21:00

... ja ho havien fet abans, però quan Trump era un simple empresari, la premsa no n'hauria fet cap cas. I no em crec que vostè, a Itàlia, votés per Berlusconi per molt podrits que estiguéssin els partits tradicionals.